Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OOTN (Male Version)

Burgundy zip-up hoodie- 21Men
Camo jogger pants- Cotton On 
Three River Saucony Burgundy- Packer Shoes (Sold Out- Available in blue & Orange/brown)

Monday, December 23, 2013

New Shoe Pickup

Don't you hate when you have the perfect outfit, but then you go to find the shoes to go with it and you are like...Nope not these... definitely not these...omg okay I'm pushing it with these. It feels like I have been in that situation more and more since the weather is starting to cool down. And then I thought one of my favorite stores came to the rescue.... I was on H&M's website browsing through their shoes when i came across these....

I instantly fell in love with them. Surprisingly I do not have a simple boot with a heel on them. Most of my boots are riding boots and even though I love them they just do not go with everything. After falling in love with these boots I realized that they were completely sold out of my size. They were my perfect boot... They were only $49.95, anywhere else they would be more that $100, different type of heel, and of course they were black. I went on a search calling different H&M stores and  everyone delivered me the bad news that they did not carry the shoes in their store. I just decided to give up on my search and I just chucked it up as a lost, until last weekend. Urban Outfitters offered an extra 50% off all sale items. I usually browse all the clothes and then go look at the shoes, but that day I decided to look at the shoes first. As I opened the last box I could not believe my eyes, there were my boots looking back at me.

No questions were asked. I picked them up and proceeded to go to the register to check out. AND they were on sale for $20.00!  Mission Accomplished!!! 

The difference between the H&M and the Deena & Ozzy boots is the material. H&M boots are made out of suede and the Deena & Ozzy boots are made out of leather. I like the idea of the leathers material better because I do not have to worry about weather conditions. The H&M boots heel is square, more chunky with lines through them and the Deena & Ozzy heels are more rectangle, less chunky with a smoother heel. The platform and the heels on the H&M boot is higher also. I am so ready and excited to style these boots. Hopefully this is the answer I have been waiting for. 

So what are you looking for this winter? What item are you trying to hunt down?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Warm & Cozy

Chunky Sweater- Gap
Skinny Jeans- Hollister
Brown Riding Boots- Just Fab

COMME des....

COMME des FUCKDOWN Beanie- Ebay
Paris 100 Pullover- Urban Outfitters
Wax jeans- PacSun
Jordan Concords- Footlocker 2 years ago
Gold chain- Ebay

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Season

Navy Blue Cardigan- Gap men
Black leggings- Forever 21
Black Tank Top- Cotton On
Grey Infinity Scarf- Target
Black Combat boots- Target
Black Fedora- Charlotte Russe
Taupe Bag-  Phillip Lim for Target

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Blue Fall

Black Sweater- Forever 21
"Leather" Jogger Pants- Urban Outfitters
Spiked Litas- Jeffrey Campbell
Blue Beanie- Forever 21
Gold Chain- Ebay

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Last Summer Outfit

Kimono: Cotton On
Tank Top Dress: Cotton On
Snakeskin, Suede, & Leather wedges: Just Fab